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Assumption. Missionary Sisters of the Assumption, Assumption Generalate, P.O. Box 1692, Highlands North 2037, SOUTH AFRICA. [W]

Benedictines. Missionary Benedictines, Inkamana Abbey, Private Bag X9333, Vryheid 3100, SOUTH AFRICA. [M]

Carmelites. Carmel of St. Therese, P O Box 9193, Brentwood Park 1501, SOUTH AFRICA. [W]

Capuchins (see Franciscans)

Comboni Missionaries, Vocation Office, P.O. Box 73514, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040. [M]

Dominicans (3 communities) (list)

Franciscans (4 communities) (list)

Jesuits. Society of Jesus in South Africa, 15 Molesey Avenue, Auckland Park, Johannesburg 2092, SOUTH AFRICA. [M]

Mary Immaculate (4 communities) (list)

Mercy. Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, Provincial Office P.O. Box 47439 Parklands Johannesburg 2121 SOUTH AFRICA. [W]

Nazareth (2 communities) (list)

Oratory (see St. Philip Neri)

Sacred Heart. Priests of the Sacred Heart, Provincialate Office, P.O. Box 304, Aliwal North 9750, SOUTH AFRICA. [M]

St. Francis de Sales (2 communities) (list)

St. Paul. Daughters of St. Paul, 181 Queen St. (cnr Cumberland Rd.), Kensington, Johannesburg 2026, SOUTH AFRICA. [W]

St. Philip Neri (2 communities) (list)

Salesians (2 communities) (list)

Ursulines of the Roman Union, Province of Southern Africa, PO Box 138, Krugersdorp 1740, SOUTH AFRICA. [W]

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